Monday, December 30, 2019

Reflection On Avd Reflection - 730 Words

Reflection on AVID The youth of society customarily fall victim to stress which is the number one leading cause of death including but not limited to heart disease, cancer, accidents, and suicide. Uniquely, AVID is a program that prepares students for college and allows one to be more successful by way of forced organization and unwanted stress, which are unneeded elements for a life of joy. In addition, AVID helps us explore college campuses crucial for our bright future. Even though AVID has helped me achieve the teen experience in numerous ways, many assert that everyone still has room for improvement and change. Similarly, AVID hides the truth in students as they claim there is always something one can change when in reality the†¦show more content†¦Thus, those who takes useless notes and presents useless TRFs are walking down the path of a fire swiftly compared to those simple and straightforward individuals who walk the path of euphoria. Its not always you thats in the wrong. In society, the world, and your surroundings, there are plenty of times when someone else is mistaken. I can change. That means conforming like the indifferent trash living in this harsh world. Its admitting defeat and giving in to subordination. Its no more than deceiving yourself with petty words. Moreover, my grade in this class is merely a false conviction; a 50 out of 100 on a TRF isn’t justifiable. The tutorial I gave on 10/30 is arguably the best tutorial I’ve ever done in my life. Questions like â€Å"Is language limiting our thoughts† are actual things students should ponder rather than naive questions like â€Å"What is slope intercept form†; education is meant to be an enlightening experience rather than tedious tasks to make it seem like we are the rotten society of slaves to x’s and y’s. Therefore, I deserve a class grade higher than 100% (counting the extra credit on my TRFs) at this moment in time and the act of not ch anging my grade is only admitting that the criticism of a teenager is evil. Correspondingly, if the teacher doesn’t hand us back our work, then we have no proof of our mistakes and one

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