Thursday, November 21, 2019

Chose the topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Chose the topic - Essay Example r-crime poses as one of the biggest threats because all businesses use computers and the Internet which from the only requirement for undertaking cyber-attacks. It is not easy to realize that the network or the devices connected to company network have been compromised (Nykodym et al., 2010). An attack may take place without even interrupting the ongoing processes. This makes it a main threat because the organization may be losing money but is unaware. In addition, new threats emerge on a daily basis and the approaches used in attacking computer systems are becoming sophisticated by the day. This makes a key threat because there is no specified way of dealing with cyber threats due to the evolvement. The imminent damage also supports the idea of cyber-crime being a critical issue. This is because it poses a threat of  £2.4 billion to the businesses in U.K (Nykodym et al., 2010). This implies that the threat is even higher for global businesses. It is also not easy to pinpoint the s ource of an attack. This makes it hard to arrest the offender and increases the chance of allowing them to escape with data or money belonging to an organization. These attacks have also been increasing and may cause an organization to halt its performance for a certain period especially depending on the scale of the attack. For instance, a DDOS attack or what is commonly known as a denial of service is one of the attacks that can render an organization nonoperational because it affects the functioning of the entire computer systems. The various modes involved in cyber-crime also make it one of the most dangerous in the functioning of the organization. These modes include internal and external attacking. The internal attacks are the most dangerous ones because they are undertaken by people who are aware of the functioning of the organization and the location of any data that they may wish to steal of destroy (Gragido & Pirc, 2011). While the external attacks are also equally dangerous,

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