Monday, November 18, 2019

Manufacturing Operations Management (Logistics And Supply Chain Dissertation

Manufacturing Operations Management (Logistics And Supply Chain Management) - Dissertation Example Promanager analysis As pointed out in the article, Promanager faces a lot of problems. First, the company delivery system’s performance is poor and traditional. It fails to achieve customers’ delivery dates which frustrate the customers. As argued out by the Quinn (1986: PP 1-5), failure to deliver on time loses a substantial confidence and trust in product offered in the market. In this company, the product exhibits high levels of commonality and are similar in both aesthetic and performance attributes. It is argued that this firm’s the product look similar from outside and are confusing instead of exhibiting realistic and meaningful simple operating procedures. The products lack creativity and innovativeness has enabled their products to be inefficient and ineffective. This has led to dwindling of sales volume and subsequent squeeze of the market share. As the suggested in the article, the market has been flooded by the products of the Asian competitor implying that customers have shifted their loyalty from the firm’s products to the competitors’ making the company lose their customers, reputation and may lose jobs in the long run if the rate continues. There is a possibility from the report that the products are of poor technology. This has fuelled and oiled the competitors’ impetus in gaining the market share in the oil and gas industry. Second, there is a problem in the actual production process. Companies which have been in the market leader employ the customer-driven focus in their production processes. This corporation uses the batch production system based on the mass production with emphasis being given to marketing and other advertising strategies. There is a possibility of heavy operating costs that are incurred by the firm as a result of heavy and massive marketing and advertising campaigns. This is also expensive and unprofitable. As a result, it has led to fear of making bold investment by its executives in ventures such as product and market development. The company lacks a strategic approach in their course of management as evidenced. There is no evidence that the company undertakes strategic planning, no evidence of industry analysis having being carried out, there is distinct strategy that differentiates this firm from others in the same business. It can also be noted the company is on the bream line of perishing for lack of simple and operable policies, procedures and vision. The entrepreneurial culture in this company is null and void because there is no creativity and innovativeness in its operations, product outputs and service rendered to their customers. The firm also lacks a systematic and structured manufacturing and planning schedules. This is evidenced in the lack of accuracy and forecasts. This has led to mismatch between demand and supply of their product thereby resulting in failure to reach optimal results. This firm lacks strategic manufacturing plans, sound polic ies and actions plans that set in motion the policies to effect and assist the company leapfrog in sales, growth and profitability. In terms of human resource, there lacks motivation on part of employees especially the sales force. This is detrimental as it has led

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